About Me And My Blog

Hello there! Glad you've dropped by!

I'm a girl living up in the countryside of Oregon who loves Jesus and my family foremost!

A few things about me:

-Since I was born in early February in 2000, my age corresponds with the year. To keep track of my age, I look at the year. I've done that a few times... ;)

-I'm a paralegal student of Oak Brook College of Law, an online conservative Christian college. It's amazing, just for the record. ;)

-I am the third oldest of 10 kids, and I have 2 sisters and 7 brothers, all of them being younger than me except two brothers. Having brothers isn't really as bad as many girls seem to make it out. ;)

-I'm a proud home-schooled kid and I've got the best teacher ever!

-I love writing poetry and songs (obviously)

-I listen to Southern Gospel music, fiddle, and bluegrass. That's really about all folks. Maybe a tiny bit of old classical music. No contemporary christian, rock, rap, or any of that. No offense to anyone, but I can't tell the difference between most of it anyways. :/ Some of my favorite groups are the Kingdom Heirs, Triumphant Quartet, the Bontrager Family Singers, and the Mylon Hayes Family.

-I enjoy adventurous ventures! I work as event staff for TCB security here in Oregon and in the nearby high-school cafeteria. That affords me plenty of excitement - many unpredictable occurrences take place!

-I prefer deep conversations... I'm not necessarily one for chit-chat. If I'm among a group who is cracking jokes and laughing, I'll join in and laugh (I'm known for laughing lots and hard) but I won't add much to the conversation. I'm not all that great at making jokes! :/

-I LOVE music. I play multiple instruments and am happiest when with others who enjoy the same type of music that I do!

-We live on fifty acres. I love country life and being outside! Working hard and getting dirty is more fun than what it's given credit for, especially when it's done with family.

-I'm a happy-go-lucky optimist, and for those of you who know what the 16 personalities test is, I've most commonly gotten the INFP (yeah, the mediator, the little green fairy...) but I've occasionally come up with the ENFP. It really depends where I am I guess... but for the most part, I'm an introvert.

-I don't date and my Dad has a shotgun.

-I love "about" pages!

-I have the best parents ever!

-And the best siblings!

-And the best teacher! (I think I've said that before though...)

-The book of Hebrews is probably my current favorite in the Bible, and I love Hebrews 11, Psalm 1, and Ecclesiastes 9:10

-I occasionally enjoy art as a pastime, but it's not a personal burning passion for me like law, debate, and music.

-I have an amazing brother who is going to Corban University for political science and is planning on becoming a lawyer! He's the one family member who understands all my terminology and what it means to sue someone for intentional infliction of emotional distress. ;)

-I LOVE DEBATE! I'm usually a more quiet person, but if there's a debate going on, I'm ALL IN! I've had two amazing partners (one year my friend Julia and another time my amazing sister Abigail) and I've been in an amazing debate league (Christian Communicators Northwest). For all of you young people who live in Oregon, you should totally check CCNW out! Debate is a great tool to teach you how to give an answer for the hope that lies within you and is also amazing at teaching the ropes of the government!

-I have the best family EVER! (I didn't already say that, did I?)

-First and foremost, I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and more than anything I want to become a most passionate warrior in his army!

I started this blog mainly because so many people always wanted to see my poetry and my songs and I couldn't bring it everywhere all the time. Of course, the new problem is that everyone wants to see me sing my songs. *sighs* I suppose that's my next challenge to work on! At any rate, for the main part this will contain songs and poetry and other music and poetry related things, though I'll probably occasionally post something that isn't quite as related to that.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that's it! Feel obligated free to leave me a comment (it's rather rude to visit and leave without speaking to your hostess, don't you think???) and let me know what you think!




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