Song Suggestion: I Know All About Scars

by Grace 18. November 2017 22:17

Hey everyone! I realized that I forgot to post a song suggestion last Thursday! Haha! If I do that again feel free to post an angry comment or send a mad message through my contact page and I'll go ahead and post something! xD

Alrighty, here's an interesting one. Listen to it twice. First, imagine it is Jesus talking to you, and the second time imagine it's a Christian brother talking to you. Then let me know which you think fits best.

Happy hearing! ;)

I Know All About Scars


Now let's hear from you!

Did you like the song? For those of you who liked the song from last week, did you notice that this is the same group? Have you heard this song before? Who did you think was the speaker in this song - Christ or a fellow Christian?


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Scott Walker
Scott Walker
11/21/2017 9:58:20 PM #

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving!
I can relate to this message in the Hymn, I wish I knew this when I was young, and if I did, I may not be sick now. But I did not learn 'til I was older - that too much worry, stress, and I worked in that stressful job for far too long. Just life in general can damage us permanently. I am reminded that my general anxiety has not left me if I forget to take the medication. This illness strikes one and you are not even worried about anything at the time it hits. Past scars...  I am much better now, at least it will not get worse in my faith in God and letting Him take over all the tough things we face in life.



Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell
12/12/2017 5:57:11 PM #

That was a great song! Laughing I like your song picks!


Grace H.
Grace H.
12/12/2017 7:12:09 PM #

I'm glad you all like my song suggestions so much! I have a lot more in store for y'all... ;)


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