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by Grace 12. March 2018 12:10

Hey all! 

I entered a pretty neat giveaway this week hosted by Lydia Howe and, although I've shared it with quite a few people, it totally spaced my mind to post the link here. So here it is!

Giveaway - Noveltea

Keep an eye out for my giveaway of More Than Conquerors! I'll post it as soon as Daniel has a free moment to help me out. ;)

And while I'm here... I couldn't help but share some poems I found that I wrote when I first started out (I was probably about 10-12!) I thought they were pretty cute! Haha! Tell me what you think of my ancient poetry. ;)


I Will Fly to Heaven

Birds fly high,

I just sigh;

I want to fly too!

When I die,

I will fly,

I will fly to Heaven.


I am glad,

I’ve got a Dad,

And a Mother, to;

And when they die,

They will fly,

They will fly to heaven.


Time does extend

To the end

Soon this world will fall;

But life’s sweet song

To me belongs,

Because I’ll fly to heaven.


That one actually had a tune to it. Wasn't I sooo sweet? Haha!


Prayer is the Sweetest Thing

Prayer is the sweetest thing;

Prayer, yes to God we bring

Lots of Hymns and songs we sing,

But prayer is the sweetest thing.


Prayer is the sweetest thing;

We pray to our heavenly king:

We love to hear the church bells ring,

But prayer is still the sweetest thing.


Prayer is the sweetest thing;

Though we love the church bells ring

Though lots of Hymns and songs we sing;

Prayer is the sweetest thing.


I was probably about 11 for that one. 


There Will be a Day

There will be a day

With no more school;

Playing all day

Will be the rule.


I’ll graduate soon

From seventh Grade

I’ll do a test sun to moon,

See the score I made.


I’ll pass the test!

Then I’ll go to bed

I won’t rest

With such joy in my head!


I’ll go and marry!

And have children!

I won’t tarry!

I’ll maybe have ten!


We’ll see when I get there.


I wrote this when I was twelve. I thought it was hilarious! If only I knew back then all the school that I'm doing now... Haha!!

Anyways, thought you all would enjoy that. ;)

Keep looking out for the giveaway and the upcoming series THIS WEEK!!

Now let's hear from you! 

Did you enter Lydia's giveaway? Did you like my 'ancient' poetry? Are you all tired of me saying 'look forward to the giveaway' and 'look forward to the two series' although I haven't posted any of them yet? I know, I sound like a broken record. Y'all are probably thinking 'This better be good with how long we've waited!' :/ But they're BOTH COMING!

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Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell
3/12/2018 7:05:24 PM #

I loved your 'ancient' poetry! It was so sweet and cute, and the last one was so funny - haha! Laughing I'm definitely looking forward to the series and giveaway, I know it'll be great! Smile Your last remarks at the end made me laugh, haha! I just had a thought, I wonder what you looked like at 11 or 12... Tong


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/12/2018 8:32:08 PM #

Glad you liked them. Smile That last one especially was hilarious, I thought. I ordered about 50 books for this paralegal program! I wouldn't have dreamed about doing such a thing back then. Haha!
I'm glad you still believe in me! ;) Both the beginning of the series and the giveaway should be out this week.
You know, I'm kind of famous in my family for always looking the same. I don't look much different from when I was 11 or 12. I'll have to see if I can find some of me back then and email them to you sometime!


Grace F.
Grace F.
3/13/2018 10:30:36 AM #

These were so fun to read!  I love the last one -- how cute!  xD

By the way, what do you think has helped to develop your love for poetry over the years?  We study poetry for school and all, and I enjoy it and think it is beautiful, but I've never had a burning passion for writing poetry myself.  Is there anything specific that really sparked your love for it?

I can't wait for the series to begin!! Laughing  And for the giveaway ;)


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/13/2018 12:02:37 PM #

Haha! Glad you enjoyed. ;)
Hmm, good question.  You know, my first attempt at 'poetry' was my own rendition of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe". I can remember randomly thinking of how I thought it should have been (ha!) and then going and writing it down. Then I thought, "that was fun!" and I scribbled a few more random lines down. Then I went and showed them to my Grandma who was at our house that day.
Now me back then, she was THE poet. I didn't actually care too much for it back then, but I'd read poems she had written sometimes and they were GOOD and I knew it. I admired her for her poetry (and her art; she's an amazing artist). So little 9-year-old me sat myself down next to my Grandma and flipped through my note pad. And I'll never forget it - she told me it was GOOD! She told me to keep it up. My Grandma has always been like that - always encouraging us to use our gifts for God. Anyways, I kept up with it after that. I believed I was phenomenal there for a little while. I could see myself being pretty famous. Haha! After a while, I began reading poetry written by other authors. I'd never read much poetry, and I honestly still don't do it as much as would probably be good for me, but I realized that it wasn't as boring as I had previously thought... ;)
What triggered my love for songwriting is Southern Gospel music. We used to listen to CCM until in 2011 or so my Mom purchased a Statler Brothers Southern Gospel CD. We LOVED it! I find that most people who listen to CCM have a hard time listening to Southern Gospel because the latter is so oldfashioned, but it was not so with us. Perhaps that was because my Grandma loves Southern Gospel and played it all the time at her place and would put on Gaither movies whenever she came over.
It's funny - the group that first made us true SG fans was a group called Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. We loved them probably because they... *cough* kinda danced around on stage when they sang. We loved it! Nowadays we don't really ever listen to them. They're to modern for our taste, especially what they sing nowadays. We do go back and laugh at their dance moves though, and some of our kids are pretty good at emulating them sometimes! Just look up EHSS songs like "Get Away Jordan" or "Old Landmark" and you'll see what I mean by dance moves. They did have some good songs back in their old days.
Anywho. The leader of EHSS (Ernie Haase, obviously ;) used to be in a famous group called the Cathedral Quartet, so we looked into them. Now, anyone who has NOT heard the Cathedral Quartet, stop, drop, and head to Youtube. They were soooo good! They sang with passion and power, had astounding 4-part harmony, had God-glorifying music, and often sang with only a piano and an electrical bass. If you look up "He Didn't Come Down", "The Prodigal Son", "We Shall See Jesus", or really anything by them, you'll know why I love them so much. If any of you want, I can post links to some of their songs. They were really good!
I don't know how old I was when I wrote my first 'real' song. I'll have to go back and see if I can find out. I  know a lot of my songwriting was inspired by Rodney Griffin. After listening to his music, I was hooked. I love songwriting! I honestly love it better than writing poetry. I began arranging my music when I was probably 13, I think. I'm not very good at it, but I still love it! My biggest project right now is my song "Lord I'll be What You Want Me to Be." It has violin, cello, and piano. Honestly, Grace, I may need either you or Isaac to help me out with the piano part. XD It's not coming together how I want it to.
And that's my story! I'm trying to push forwards with my music and poetry - progress with it. I want to get it out to the world where it can actually bless people. I would like to participate in a poetry contest, and I would love to publish a book with my poems. I also would love to get a CD out with some of my songs on it (we're working on a CD that has two of my songs on it!!!) and I would LOVE for another group to sing my songs. In fact, I actually gave some of my songs to a SG group (I handed them to my songwriting hero Rodney Griffin from Greater Vision while at a Jubilee Christmas Concert). While they didn't sing any of them (one of the reasons likely being that they were songs that had prominent bass parts and they're a trio with no bass... :/), Mr. Griffin was very kind and welcoming and he encouraged me to keep on writing and to send them any songs I wrote that made me think of them (which I will totally do! ;).
To be honest though, I'm kind of glad that they didn't sing any of my songs because we're going to have them on our CD and one of them may be our title cut (is that selfish of me or what???). Fun fact, my blog is named after the song I wrote that we've considered making our title cut: "Don't You Know that I'm Singing".
I hope that answers your question! If not, go ahead an let me know (any of you who have questions go ahead and ask!) and I'll write another post... *cough*... comment to try to better answer your query. ;)


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/13/2018 12:04:17 PM #

Ouch. That's longer than I thought it would be. :/


Grace F.
Grace F.
3/13/2018 3:08:15 PM #

Oh wow, that was quite the answer! xD  I should have seen that coming ;)  haha!  But for real, thank you so much for giving such a thorough answer.
I loved hearing how your grandma encouraged and inspired you to write poetry -- thank you for sharing!  That is such a sweet story.
And thank you for the bonus answer, sharing how you got a passion for songwriting too!  I am curious... do you still listen to CCM?
Aww, well, I'd honestly LOVE to help you out with the piano arrangement for your song, Grace, but I'm not entirely sure how we'd manage that, being across the country from each other and all... Frown Tong  But if you honestly need help and Isaac isn't available to help out with it, feel free to send it to me and I'll see what I can do! ;)  Although from what I hear about your brother's amazing musicianship, he'd be the much better option to go to for help. ;)
That is SO COOL that your title cut might be Don't You Know That I'm Singing!!  I've been wondering for a while what the story is behind your blog name... ;)  But anyway, that is so neat!  I can't, can't, CAN'T wait to hear all your songs when you've finished your CD!!  Do you see an end of the writing + recording + releasing process anywhere in sight yet?


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/13/2018 5:33:53 PM #

Haha, yeah, you should have seen that coming. You know me. ;) I'm glad you actually read all of it though! Hahaha!
No, not really... The ladies that I work with listen to it, so sometimes it'll be playing in the high-school kitchen, and occasionally it'll be playing in Dad's truck. He can't plug up his phone there and put something else on like he can in some of our other vehicles. I never voluntarily put it on myself. I don't really like most of it. There's a few of them that are good or okay... I really like "The Voice of Truth" (although I only listen to it performed by a Southern Gospel group called the Mylon Hayes family XD).
Yeah, it'd be hard for us to work together on a song, but I bet we could do it. ;) If I keep having trouble and Isaac can't help me out, I'll definitely turn to you. ;)
I see us releasing our CD this year... But not soon. ): I'm not sure when we'll be finished. We have a lot of work left to do!


3/13/2018 11:33:20 AM #

I liked all the "ancient poems" too!


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/13/2018 12:06:42 PM #

Glad you enjoyed them, Laura!
By the way, I *finally* got a chance to listen to those Wissman songs you told me about. I loved them! Especially "I Will Be Your Shield." I will definitely look into their music more!


3/14/2018 2:00:51 PM #

Cool! I'm so glad you liked them! That's so neat that your family's making a CD!


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/14/2018 4:49:05 PM #

Thanks for sharing them with me. ;)
I'm super excited about it! I'll have to let you all know when it's finished and maybe even share a song or two. Laughing


J.S. Klingemann
J.S. Klingemann
3/14/2018 2:32:51 PM #

Haha - those poems are hilarious!! However, they are actually pretty good. At least, the middle one is, in my opinion. ☺


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/14/2018 5:09:39 PM #

Glad you enjoyed them!
As for them being good, it's probably due to the influence of my Grandma. She was an amazing poet - she's still my hero. Smile I found the last one rather ironic - I thought that ten kids was such a large family (well, it IS!). But now I have 9 siblings, so there's ten of us. ;)


J.S. Klingemann
J.S. Klingemann
3/15/2018 1:08:25 PM #

Reading old writings is always an amusing activity. Yesterday, I read to my siblings a hand-written draft of a story I had written in 2013 or '14... it was an interesting experience. It is amazing to see how much I have grown in writing since then! It's also rather amazing to find that I borrowed a lot of my ideas from other books and movies. 🤣


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/15/2018 1:26:58 PM #

Yes, it certainly is! My brother Daniel has been writing since he was super young and he would fill whole notepads with his stories. Some of them were pretty funny! A lot of them were heavily influenced by C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia (I can only imagine what his stories would have been like if he had read The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings at this point!). Of course, as he grew older, his writing became more original. But he says that Henty, Ballantyne, Lewis and Tolkien still influence his writing. ;)
I'm not much of a story writer... I can think of great ideas, but I can't make a plot. XD But it is interesting to see how my writing in other areas has progressed. I'm glad to say it's better than it once was!


J.S. Klingemann
J.S. Klingemann
3/27/2018 8:12:41 AM #

LOL... it's difficult. Your poems are pretty good, though! I have yet to write the beginning of my story on account of it being difficult to start. I have been writing for years and it's still hard!!!


Grace H.
Grace H.
3/27/2018 10:14:46 AM #

Yes, my story-writing siblings, Abigail and Daniel, have both told me that the beginning is always the hardest part. With poetry (at least for me) it's probably the other way around - I get inspiration for how it should start and the middle requires more thought.


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