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by Grace 3. April 2018 16:54

Hey everyone!

I haven't been on here very much have I? I thought I'd drop by and say hello really fast. ;)

A few things:

1. Due to how busy I've been, I will not be posting from either series tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be posting the Family Focus series next week. Some of you may have noticed that I actually posted the first post last week, but because of a few issues I took it down. ;)

2. It's my Mom's birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Mom! Love you! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your year while dealing with me. ;D

3. The GIVEAWAY ends the day after tomorrow! If you commented but your comment hasn't shown up yet, if you haven't gotten all of your possible entries, or if you just haven't entered yet, NOW is the time to do that!

4. I got a shot today. I injured my hand a while back and we haven't been able to find out what the matter was. I went to a local doctor, but she didn't know what was wrong, so she sent me to someone else who looked at it today. He seemed very knowledgeable. It was a huge answer to prayer! However, my hand is kinda puffy and numb so I'm avoiding the use of a certain finger... If you ever have your finger numbed, try typing with it and you'll see what I mean!

5. Y'all should listen to this song. ;) My Rock


Like I said before, I'm extremely busy. I have a wedding coming up that I'm going to be a bridesmaid for. I have several assignment deadlines coming up. I have friends going out of state this month and had one leave last month. I just had a doctor's appointment and I have a followup scheduled. It's stressful, and I'm always fearful that I won't be ready for my next quarter finals. Yep, still afraid of quarter finals. I've done just fine on my other finals - much better than I could have hoped for. But I'm still afraid.

It's funny how the devil can make you fear for things that God has helped you conquer over and over and over again. For some reason, the situation is always "different"... Well, it's usually actually mostly the same as last time. It's just a lie that the devil likes to use.

But it's convicting to read the words "Oh you of little faith!" and "casting all your cares on Him". Instead of focusing on the lies Satan uses, I need to focus on the truths God gives. We've been through this before. God's proven Himself faithful. I have no valid reason to fear or worry. ;)

Well, that's me and my life for now. I had better run now!


Why does the day have to be so long
And why does it feel so short?
Why does getting up earlier
Feel like a last resort?
How does my list of things to get done
Grow so big, so fast
And why does the morn seem slow, so slow -
When I start work, I think 'at last'.
Why do I feel irate and want
To get tasks done and over with quickly
But the thought of an upcoming deadline
Makes me cringe and feel queasy?
Why do I feel afraid at all?
I've been through this before.
God's given me all the strength I need
That and plenty more.
Help me Lord to not complain--
Not to fear or stress.
I have You to see me through
That should fill me with happiness.
Things will not be easy
You never said they'd be.
But that's okay, 'cause You're here to stay.
You'll always be here with me.


Now let's hear from you!


Did you listen to the song? What's been going on in your life? What have you been up to? Have you entered the giveaway yet? Did you like my title-less poem?


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Grace F.
Grace F.
4/4/2018 3:02:06 PM #

I enjoyed this little update on your life lately, as well as the poem.  Still excited for the Family Life series! Smile
Oh I'm so sorry you had to get a shot! :/  I hate needles.  Last surgery, it took my surgeon at least 3 tries to get my hand IV started.  And I bruised terribly on my hands!  People -- even people I know extremely well -- were suspicious. :/  I hope your hand heals quickly! <3  I understand what it's like to type/use your hand when a finger is hurt... I've have sliced and burnt my fingers in the kitchen before and then had to play the piano at church in the evening.  Not the most pleasant thing ever.  My brother once played an offertory with a practically broken finger!
Happy birthday to your mom!!
Lately in my life... I took drivers ed yesterday and that was fun! Ha!  (Hint the sarcasm.)  It was boring and gross and I knew pretty much everything and didn't really want to be subjected to 8 hours of looking at gruesome photographs and videos.  They had a coroner person come give us a presentation... you get the picture.  The *best* part of the whole day had to be asking him a questions afterward.  Every one in the room wanted to know why exactly he wanted to become a coroner (he was just 23, and looked like a teenager!). xD
Anyway, I'm so glad its over with xD  Next step is 6 hours of driving instruction next week, and then I can take the driving test and get my restricted license. *cue the confetti*  Nervous but very excited!


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/4/2018 7:49:59 PM #

Glad you enjoyed this! Glad you're still looking forwards to the Family Life series.
Eh, being needled isn't my favorite either! Oh man, I'm sorry about your hands! That seems... Not too right, haha! When was this??? And ouch... Playing piano with burnt/sliced fingers sounds far from pleasant, and playing with a BROKEN finger doesn't sound any better. ;)
I'll let Mom know you said happy birthday!
Ooh, sure, yes, fun... Hehe, glad for you that's over!!!
You may get your license before me... I have my permit and I'm able to get my license anytime now, but I haven't scheduled a test date yet and it takes a long time before they're able to get someone in, usually.


Grace F.
Grace F.
4/4/2018 10:12:07 PM #

Well my last surgery was back in August, so that's the last time I got an IV.   The time before that was at the very end of 2016.  I had two oral surgeries within a year which definitely wasn't fun.  Both times it was tricky to get the IV in, but this past time he had to try both hands and then take the needle out several times and/or readjusted it when it was in my hand... I'm not positive because I couldn't see it.  But it hurt really badly and my surgeon was really getting frustrated and then one of his assistants tripped over the IV line and and all and it just wasn't a pleasant experience.  My hands looked terrible afterward. :/
Do you have to take drivers ed up there?  Here it's required Frown


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/4/2018 11:08:03 PM #

Youch!!! I remember you telling me about your oral surgeries... That sounds SO far from fun!!! I don't believe I've had any surgeries before (fortunately!!!) although I've dealt with some far-from-fun illnesses.
Nope, you don't have to take drivers ed up here! Unless you're 18 or older, you need to get 100 hours before getting a license, and you can only get your permit once your 16(?) I think it used to be 15 but I'm pretty sure they've changed it now. If you take drivers ed here, it just subtracts 50 of the hours that you need to get a permit. Since I'm now a major, I can go take the test anytime... Well, as soon as I schedule one. :/


Grace F.
Grace F.
4/5/2018 9:34:12 AM #

Oh that must be so nice that you don't have to take drivers ed... xD  Here you can get your permit at 15 (I got it on my 15th birthday), and 6 months afterwards you can get your restricted license if you drive 40 hours, take drivers ed and 6 hours of instruction, and pass the test.  After getting your restricted, it will automatically turn into a full license once you turn 17. Smile


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/5/2018 10:01:25 AM #

Oh, okay. Yeah, it's pretty nice not to have to take driver's ed, haha! I don't even have to drive the full 100 hours here anymore since I'm 18 - I can just walk in and take the test. ;)


4/5/2018 11:00:26 AM #

Happy birthday to your mom!! That's neat that you're going to be a bridesmaid! I've never been one, but it looks like a lot of fun! Is your hand doing better?


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/5/2018 11:53:29 AM #

I'll let her know you said happy birthday!
Yes, I'm super excited! I've never been a bridesmaid before either. It's my first time. So excited for my friend too. Her and her fiance both go to our church so I know them both very well. ;)
The doctor actually told me that my hand would feel worse for a short while after my shot, so that's the part I'm going through right now. But the pain is starting to subside. Thanks for asking!


Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell
4/5/2018 8:03:13 PM #

I really loved the poem you wrote and hearing of what you've been up to! I hope your hand feels better soon, that's terrible you had to get that shot. Frown Feel better soon! Laughing


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/5/2018 11:50:09 PM #

Glad you enjoyed the poem and life update! Working on feeling better as fast as I can. ;D


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