Hey there!

by Grace 25. April 2018 11:01

Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd drop in really fast and say hi! I've been very busy with school, spending time with the littles while Daniel, Abigail, Jake and Dad went on a camping trip, and saying so many goodbyes to friends going out of state, and I am afraid that I'm not quite finished with goodbyes because I have a friend leaving this month and two others leaving in a month or two. I'm glad that most of them will be back this fall and the others will be back next year!

A few random things that I've been learning this year:

-Life is only as complicated as I make it.

-Following God requires faith. Nothing more, nothing less.

-When I feel I am at the end, or things are too stressful, emotional, painful, or hard, God gives more strength. Thank God! I have very little of my own patience and strength.

-A laugh and a smile help everyone and everything.

-Listening is the best thing ever. You can show someone you care by listening, you can help them deal with pain and hurt by listening, and you can become closer friends by listening. And you can learn by listening, and others can help you if you listen. I want to be as much of a listener that I can!!!

-I am superdy duperdy blessed (yes, new words).

-I'm not near as smart as I think I am when I'm feeling proud and not as dumb as I think when I'm feeling down. I'm somewhere in the middle. ;)

-Stressing doesn't help a thing. It only hurts you and the ones you love most or who need you most.

-I need to rely solely on God's strength, mercy, and grace. I'm a failure at best. I see that I am a wretched, horrible, depraved sinner. But I see that Christ can save to the uttermost!

-I never can love or thank God enough. He is too faithful, too good, too kind.

-I'm learning how to lay my cares at the throne of God. It's so hard to sacrifice one's ambitions, hopes, dreams and aspirations for what often seems rather uncertain. But what God has in store for me is so much better than what I could ever dream!

-Reading my Bible helps everything.

-If I give all to God, I don't have anything left to worry about. ;)

-He is the only one I can trust to never let me down, but I can trust Him completely.

-God is really too amazing for me to comprehend. I have done so much to hurt my Saviour, even though He died for me. I do and will continue to. But He forgives me again and again and again and again and again. I am so humbled by His unfailing love.

Okay, this is longer than I thought it would be. My posts are often that way. XD


Now let's hear from you!

What's been going on in your life? What have you been up to? What are some things God has been teaching you?


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Grace F.
Grace F.
4/25/2018 12:29:25 PM #

I love the points you mentioned!  So many of these we sort of take for granted.  Such as Bible reading.  We know we're supposed to do it and that it helps everything, but until we actually do it, we don't really KNOW how much we really need it!  Does that make sense? xD
I love your new words.  You should update the dictionary. Smile
Life... wow.  It's been crazy.  Crazy busy, crazy stressful, crazy devastating, crazy surprising, and crazy blessed all at the same time.  You know, it's a hard season of life right now for our family, but at the same time there are innumerable blessings all around us.  God is truly our Comforter!  I am so thankful for that.
I'm also thankful for getting my ACT results back!  Shall I keep you in suspense until I can email all za details? Smile  All I can say is, God can do abundantly more than we can ask or think! <3


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/25/2018 12:49:09 PM #

Yes, Bible reading is taken for granted! I under value it way too often. And yes, I'm the same way. I don't realize how starved I am until I finally (sometimes grudgingly) make time for it, and then I can't put it down! It's so refreshing when I finally feed my hungry soul and then I wonder why it took me so long to run to Jesus and His word.
Yes, totally. Superdy duperdy, anywho, thingamajiggerbobberdoodad... Those are all words I use on a regular basis, believe it or not. I would love to share my eloquent, rich, extended vocabulary with everyone... ;)
Yes, I know your life recently has been pretty wild. You're in my prayers! And, in their own funny ways, our trials show us how blessed we really are, I think. Make sense?
Aah, soooo cruuuel to make me wait to hear about your scores, but do it anyways... ;) Twil' make it much more exciting when I finally do hear the details about your ACT results!!! And amen, He can and does! He's done so for me too! Things are so crazy right now, but I'm starting to feel like I can never thank Him enough for everything that going on in my life... Things that are teaching me so well to let go and let God. And it's such a blessed peace that comes when I lay everything at the feet of Jesus. My sins, my dreams, my struggles. The feelings I've been having are strange. The only way to describe them is indescribable. ;)


Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell
4/30/2018 7:05:11 PM #

I loved reading this and hearing it all made me happy because everything you said is so true! Smile Somethings I have been learning lately are how truly blessed I am to have so many caring and loving pen/email friends in my life (meaning you and others!) and how amazing it feels to be a year older now!!! Laughing


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/30/2018 7:19:58 PM #

I'm glad you enjoyed it, dear Twinsie! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I promise you I didn't forget about your birthday... I have a birthday card that I just need to finish. For some reason I didn't think to email you on your birthday... Probably because I was the oldest kid at home during that weekend.
Can you believe it??? You're no longer an infant! Haha!!!


Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell
4/30/2018 9:08:41 PM #

#NoLongerInfantTwinsiesUnite Tong


Grace H.
Grace H.
4/30/2018 9:33:57 PM #



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