I'm Alive! // Is it the Guns?

by Grace 12. June 2018 10:30

Hello everyone!

Sorry to everyone who might have believed I'd fallen over a cliff, due to my abrupt stopping of letter writing, commenting, emailing, posting, and all things social for the past two weeks or so. I should hopefully slip back into the old routine as quickly and suddenly as I fell out of it.

I just wanted to quickly glaze over the topic of shootings and guns. So many people are calling for more gun control. I don't have any statistics with me today... Maybe another post. But I do have a few main reasons why more gun control will NOT stop shootings.

1) It's not guns who kill people. It's people.

It starts with the heart. Not the gun. If someone wants to kill people, he or she will most likely find a way to kill people. Restricting guns won't fix the heart issue.

2) Gun restriction won't take guns out of the hands of people who want to hurt others.

You know, when the government tells people to hand guns over, it's going to be the law abiding citizens who hand over their firearms. Not the ones who want to hurt people. People with illegal ends usually don't mind using illegal means to get there. And all of us who may want guns for safety purposes are left defenseless.

Sorry if that was a little scrambled - just something on my mind this morning. This was certainly NOT an exhaustive list of why guns are not the issue and why gun control would be bad, but that's for another post. Hopefully I will get my Q+A video finished up soon and get back to commenting around the world wide web again shortly.


Now let's hear from you!

Did you think I died, and if so, how? XD What are your thoughts on gun control? What have you been up to recently?

Also... I'd be interested to hear... Is there a post that has specifically stuck out to you over the year that I've been blogging? A favorite song or encouraging article that I've shared? Is there anything you'd like to hear more about or... *gulp* less about here on my blog?


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Grace F.
Grace F.
6/12/2018 1:26:00 PM #

Hi Grace!  I have missed you these past couple weeks. Smile  Hope everything is OK!  I'm very excited to see your Q+A video... trying to be patient here! ;)
I agree with the points you shared here about gun control.  Murder is a heart issue to the max, and gun restriction is not going to prevent evil intentions.
As to what I'm up to... it's been a couple crazy, stressful weeks!  Oh wait, I guess "full + blessed" is probably a better way of putting it. ;)  Photo shoots (Nathaniel's baseball team + Jesse senior), helping friends clean up drywall dust, babysitting the siblings, music ministry, schoolwork, volleyball tryouts + practices, juggling the sports practices + games of several siblings, and lots more have been filling our days.  I'm also probably going to be taking a lengthy blogging break soon to help me prioritize better.  Speaking of prioritizing... I should probably finish up this comment quickly and move on to schoolwork :/
Glad you're back, Grace!!


Grace H.
Grace H.
6/12/2018 8:19:57 PM #

Haha, I'm teaching my readers the virtue of patience! ;)
Amen! Gun restriction won't fix the evil heart.
Ah, yes! "Full and blessed" is the way to put it! That was a good article. ;) Man, it definitely sounds like you've been busy!!!
Haha! Do that school girl! Looking forwards to when Grace Notes starts back up.


6/13/2018 5:10:03 PM #

I definitely agree with both of your points!


Grace H.
Grace H.
6/13/2018 5:24:02 PM #

Glad to hear, Laura!


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