I'm 19!!!

by Grace 9. February 2019 11:30

Hey everyone!!!

As many of you know, I turned 19 yesterday!!! I had a wonderful day. I actually went to work, but my sweet coworkers signed a card, gave me chocolate, and brought me coffee cake, and I enjoy work, so hey! A day at work isn’t as bad as people make it out to be sometimes. ;)

And then I came home and ate a special dinner of quiche, bacon, and waffles with my family and then we had a southern gospel music fest of sorts out in our front room. What happened there… Stays there. XD

Here’s a few fun facts about what has happened over the past year:


Last year at this time I:

1) Was working at the high-school cafeteria

2) Only had my driver’s permit

3) Was a high-school student

4) Shared a bedroom

5) Was working on my paralegal program

6) Was 18!!!


Now, I:

1) Work at the Freedom Foundation

2) Not only have my license but have managed to roll and total a car :/

3) Am probably still high-school age… But I’m graduated nonetheless

4) Have my own bedroom for the first time in probably 17 or so years XD

5) Am interning as a paralegal!

6) I’M 19!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED?????


If you all have any other questions about things that have changed over the past year, serious or funny, ask me and I’ll answer them in the comments!


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Grace F.
Grace F.
2/9/2019 1:26:15 PM #

What are 3 new experiences you've had over the past year (places you've gone, people you've met, something on your bucket list, something you never thought you'd do, etc.)?  How many new songs have you written over the past year?  What was your 3 biggest 18-year-old accomplishments (these can be general like graduation, or personal like a special song you wrote)?  Happy birthday again!!  Smile


Grace H.
Grace H.
2/13/2019 6:23:09 PM #

Hmm, let me think... Three new experiences...  I went to Kentucky, I did a college program, and I went to a lights festival in Seattle Washington. Three biggest accomplishments... I finished the paralegal program, I rolled a car (actually that doesn't count lol) I started a desk job, and I wrote "There is Love." That's a very personal song to me. ;)
Great questions Grace! Took me a little while to think of those, that's why it took me so long to respond. XD


2/13/2019 9:59:31 AM #

Hi, Grace!
It's been a while. I guess we have some catching up to do sometime. I hop onto your blog every so often, just to see  what's going on. i saw that you turned 19. That's so exciting! Happy birthday! I'm glad you're big day was special.

Today is my youngest brother Joseph's 10th birthday! I still remember the day he was born. It's kind of sad that he's growing up so fast. He's still a very sweet boy, who seems more like 6 or 7 then his ten years. He has a very tender, innocence about him. Friday, the day before your birthday, was my dad and mom's 22nd wedding anniversary! They went out to eat, for which I'm glad. They deserve to do something special like that together, just the two of them. It's been a while since they got to get out of the house for an outing.

Well, I don't know when we'll be able to write again, but I'll at least tell you that I got a new job back in January at a place called K&W Cafeteria. It's a whole lot better in many ways than my previous job, but I still really do miss my co-workers, some more than others. I'm thinking of paying them all a visit in March...

Has your Mom had the baby yet??


Grace H.
Grace H.
2/13/2019 12:29:35 PM #

Hi Charity!!! Sorry I haven't been in touch very well... Mom actually had the baby night before last!!! I was planning on emailing all my friends today about that. 😁 I'll try to email you soon!!!


2/16/2019 7:57:54 PM #

I was wondering if your mom had the baby too; congratulations! Is the baby a boy or a girl? Did you see my post in August about my brother being born? (He came in the car!)


Grace H.
Grace H.
2/17/2019 12:35:34 AM #

It's a boy!!! Yes, I did see your post about your brother! Little miracle baby!!! I thought I commented on it but maybe I didn't. I at least meant to. XD Congrats to you too!!!


2/16/2019 7:59:43 PM #

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading about what's changed since last year!


Grace H.
Grace H.
2/17/2019 12:35:54 AM #

Thanks!!! Happy birthday to you too. ;)


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