I Am That Girl

by Grace 18. January 2020 11:45

Yesterday was one of those days.

One of those days where I woke up with tears all over my face from having nightmares. One of those days where everything hurts. One of those days that I argue with a sibling. One of those days that I wondered what on earth I, a teenager, was doing in the legal profession. One of those days I felt like I was annoying, inadequate, and a train wreck.

I like to think I'm the girl that has her troubles, but oh! They don't faze her for a moment. Things could be so much worse, she's so blessed, and she's strong in the Lord!

But I'm not always that kinda girl.

Sometimes I'm that girl that has troubles, and struggles with them. I'm the girl who randomly has nightmares of mistakes she made and didn't make, flashbacks of experiences she's been through and thought she'd moved past. I'm the girl who grows weary in doing good, struggles in her relationships with family and friends, and falls again and again. And I'm the girl that pulls herself down because things could be so much worse, and she's so blessed, but guess what? She's still struggling, still not as grateful and thankful as she should be.

But God reminded me of something else yesterday, while I was in the car, by myself, with tears running down her face.

I'm the girl that God will hold up someday and say, "this is a testament to what I can do, to My power, My mercy, and My grace." I'm the girl that has been born again, and is a child of the King. I'm the girl that the Lord has sworn to never leave, or forsake. I'm the girl that God loves. I'm the girl that, when weak, God can be strong through. I'm the girl that can't do it on her own, but can do it through God, who strengthens her. I'm the girl who was broken, but will be healed; was lost, but was found; was blind, but can now see. And I'm the girl that already has the ultimate victory, and who will conquer.

And I hope, ultimately, that's who you are too.


Now let's hear from you!

What have you been struggling with, and what are some verses that help you when you're dealing with those struggles?


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Grace F.
Grace F.
1/24/2020 10:13:47 AM #

Thank you so much for sharing this, Grace.  It really resonated with me.  The day before you posted this, I was also struggling immensely.  The timing was perfect.  I'm so thankful for God's abundant mercy and grace in our times of need.


J. S. Clingman
J. S. Clingman
6/28/2020 3:06:24 PM #

This is so beautiful Grace, thanks so much for sharing! I relate to this so well, as I can often feel that I'm such a failure. Even today, that's exactly how I felt. So thank you. Smile

I know I haven't visited this blog for a while... sorry about that. I actually don't receive notifications whenever you post, even though I've subscribed multiple times. (IDK why it doesn't work for me. XD)

Anyway, I thought I'd restart my blog, and remembered this one, so here I am! I hope you've been doing well.


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